Voicing Concerns About Singer’s Nodes

Ear, nose and throat doctors are eager to hit a chord with patients suffering the effects of vocal nodes. The most common cause of voice problems, according to ENTnet.org, a website for otolaryngologists, the growths have shorthand monikers such as “singer’s nodes,” but are called vocal fold lesions by most physicians. Types of Discord Nodules – […]

What Lies Within: Residential Radon Release

Most of us would probably say that home is a safe place, and the more organic, back-to-nature our environment, the better. That may explain why the presence of radon and its effect on our health stays both physically and figuratively underground.   It’s the complete opposite of warnings we get to stay out of the […]

Shopping Addiction: Advice You Can Bank On

It can drive us into bankruptcy, cost us our jobs, marriages and reputations. Yet, shopping addiction is a problem we all laugh about. Why do we have trouble following the advice of Ben Franklin, who said, “A penny saved is a penny earned”? Approximately 5.8 percent of the population suffers from compulsive buying, says April […]

The Itsy Bitsy Problem of Spider Veins

Though about half of women over 50 have them, something about the sight of varicose and spider veins makes your skin crawl. Larger veins that turn red or blue and bulge with apparent twisting are varicose, while similar, smaller versions that are closer to the surface are spider veins, says the U.S. Department of Health […]

Organically Sewn: Hazards of Synthetic Clothing

In the 1970s world of granny dresses and long, natural tresses, we were introduced to sustainable farming and Euell Gibbons, who asked us: “Ever eat a pine tree?” The United States was in flux, moving toward organic alternatives, except in the case of one big fashion craze: Polyester. The fabric that almost defines “unnatural,” polyester’s […]

Reconnecting Hemispheres: The Rocky World of Autism

It was three decades ago when Rocky actor Sylvester Stallone told us about the adversary that was too strong for the Italian Stallion to knock out. It was autism, which explained his son Seargoh’s inability to communicate normally. But like his movies, the silver screen star’s fight has become the first of many spinoff announcements […]