Watch Out for Exercise Signals that Shout Stop

We all expect sore muscles after a good workout, but sometimes our body is telling us a lot more. Staying alert to read those body signals from workouts can be the difference between getting stronger or running into serious injuries. Sometimes in the excitement of getting back out there, we can load up our workouts […]

When a Crisis Hits What Do You Do First?

When you are working, a crisis can be as immediate as an electronic shutdown, wrong date or time, or horrors — you may have forgotten to order the food for the meeting! Most of us know that sinking feeling when something seems wrong, and then seconds later it becomes a reality. There is a crisis. […]

How to Make Every Breath a Stress Relief Moment

Breathing, like walking, is frequently glossed over. But as breathing exercises become known for their stress relief and relaxation powers, you might want to take a closer look at what they can do. I learned this awhile ago when I was flying back and forth across the country trying to solve a family crisis. My […]

How Clothes Influence Our Performance

When you have an important meeting coming up, do you take the time to choose your clothes as carefully as you do your research and other meeting preparations? Researchers say their studies suggest including clothes in your work strategy and presentations can make a difference. Some studies say choosing the right clothes can help to […]

Hands-On Ways to Handle Worry

When you find yourself worrying just a little too much about everything, it may be time to break the cycle.  If your worry seems to be an ongoing anxiety, you may want to see your doctor and a recommended therapist to get some help. Meanwhile, you might also try a few hands-on techniques that could […]