Don’t Make These Skincare Mistakes!

When we think about our beauty routines, it’s easy to skip over the part in which we work on keeping our skin vibrant, protected from the environment, and healthy overall. It’s best to know how to start taking care of your skin, and actually follow up on this knowledge, as soon as possible. The younger […]

These Bedtime Mistakes Could Be Keeping You Tired

Given our hectic and demanding lifestyles, the last thing we want to be dealing with is a poor night’s rest. Unfortunately, more than half of all adults in America report experiencing some form of sleep disruption or lack of adequate asleep multiple nights a week. This makes for a very tired nation — one that’s […]

How to Eat for Health!

What you eat has a much bigger impact on you than just how you look in your favorite pair of jeans. There are many food items in modern society that won’t contribute to your overall health, and things you must avoid if you want to live to the ripe old age of 102. Do you […]

Watch Out for Exercise Signals that Shout Stop

We all expect sore muscles after a good workout, but sometimes our body is telling us a lot more. Staying alert to read those body signals from workouts can be the difference between getting stronger or running into serious injuries. Sometimes in the excitement of getting back out there, we can load up our workouts […]

Finding the Truth in Healthy Food Labels

When it comes to consuming and purchasing food products, we’d all like to believe everything we’re told on the labels of the food we’re getting. Unfortunately, it’s far too easy for people to stretch the truth a little (or even a lot) by making claims which aren’t entirely true — to the detriment of the […]

What Lies Within: Residential Radon Release

Most of us would probably say that home is a safe place, and the more organic, back-to-nature our environment, the better. That may explain why the presence of radon and its effect on our health stays both physically and figuratively underground.   It’s the complete opposite of warnings we get to stay out of the […]

The Benefits of Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is extracted from the lavender plant, specifically, those beautiful purple blossoms that smell heavenly. Many people aren’t aware that lavender oil is good for more than just smelling nice; it also has some pretty positive health benefits. Here are just a few of the benefits you can reap from lavender oil! Anxiety If […]