Use This Exercise For Your Back Muscles!

You are walking through the gym, what machines or weight exercises do you gravitate toward? Are you more of a treadmill runner, a push-up bicep machine person, or maybe you like those triceps and chest machines? While we can all agree that these exercises and workout staples are important, there always seems to be one […]

Bad back? Get cracked!

Your back hurts! It aches! Oh the pain!! You have tried stretching it out, you’ve applied some heat to it, you’ve popped a bunch of painkillers, and you still don’t feel any better. Heavy, heavy sigh! Before you try more invasive techniques of healing, ie: surgery (expensive, healing is time consuming, initially painful, did i […]

Your Chiropractor: A Slumber Party Hero?

Bed wetting- it’s frustrating for parents, but to a child it can be traumatic. Is your child afraid she will never be able to attend a slumber party or a simple sleepover at a friend’s house because of nighttime wetting?  Well-meaning parents often feel helpless to stop the issue and can only do things to […]