Easy Ways to Boost Your Mornings For Better Days

One of the best healthy living tips I’ve learned is how important it is to start the morning off on the right foot. This is a pretty broad piece of advice, but it basically means you can adjust it to fit in with your health needs and your specific lifestyle. There are a few common sense type of habits you should know to add to your morning routine for better physical and mental health. For instance, many people have found meditation, exercise, and eating a healthy breakfast to be great ways to start the mornings off right. However, there are more than a few unusual things you can try as well. Strange as it may sound, you may find unexpected health benefits by adding them into your routine. 

Upgrade Your Water, Coffee, or Tea

I personally try to place a full glass of water on my nightstand before I go to sleep so that when I wake up, the first thing I can do is drink a glass of water. Starting the day with hydration is a great way to naturally boost your energy. Other people turn to coffee or tea, which is fair enough. Consider upgrading these drinks for an added kick. Salt water with lime juice can jumpstart your metabolism and replenish electrolytes in your system. You can also try adding grass-fed butter and coconut oil to your coffee or tea. It sounds weird, but many people swear it helps them focus and stay sharp throughout the day. 

Take a Cold Shower 

Maybe you won’t want to do this on very cold winter days, but this will definitely perk you up and alert you instantly, which can be great if you’re running late and need to make up some lost time. Cold water is also better for your skin, since hot water can dry it out. You’ll be refreshed, awake, and your skin will be glowing, so what’s not to love? At the very least, starting and ending your showers with a blast of cold water can provide these benefits.

Exercise for 10 Minutes

If you want to reap the benefits of exercise, but can’t afford too much time to do so, try adding a quick session into your mornings. Even something as simple as taking the stairs up and down your office building as you head to work can be just enough to get your blood flow circulating in a healthy manner. A short session of yoga can also do wonders to improve your body and mind as you start the day.

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